Royal Purple Biomax, the EU Ecolabel and the VGP 2013

EU Ecolabel and the Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013

Royal Purple Biomax™ Oil

Royal Purple Biomax™ Oil is a biodegradable synthetic lubricant with an extremely high lubricating film strength, specially developed for heavy-duty hydraulic systems and drivetrains. The oil can be used in environmentally critical applications, even in the most sensitive ecosystems.

For this, the Synerlec® additive technology is used to form a thicker and extremely strong lubricating film that effectively prevents metal-to-metal contact. The Extreme Pressure properties prevent wear under very heavy loads. The optimum adhesion of Biomax™ to surfaces ensures that rust and corrosion are prevented.

The revolutionary formulation of Biomax™ makes the oil is unaffected by the presence of water (no hydrolysis). Water can easily be drained when stationary. Royal Purple Biomax™ EAL Hydraulic Oil and Royal Purple Biomax™ EAL Gear Oil are EU Ecolabel certified and meet the requirements of Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013