The EU Ecolabel and the VGP 2013

During the last few years there has been a huge development in the use of biodegradable oils and greases. These environmentally friendly lubricants are particularly suitable for industries such as civil engineering sectors, the processing and recycling of (construction) waste, dredging companies, oil and gas extracting companies and shipping and offshore.

It is necessary to comply these Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL’s) with various registrations and OEM-approvals due to the actual legislations, regulations and requirements for use in nature and the environment.

Leading companies in the offshore, shipping, dredging, port and crane sectors use Van Meeuwen’s (biodegradable) high performance lubricants and Van Meeuwen is proud to participate in all this with custom biodegradable lubrication solutions.

Next to the own Green Point lubricants Van Meeuwen Lubrication has very worthy partners with the international suppliers Bel-Ray, Royal Purple, Lubcon and PANOLIN, These companies have become acquainted with advanced technologies and have been producing high-quality lubricants for decades.

Are you curious about the special qualities of our Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants? Especially suitable for use in the Marine & Offshore? To save money, assets and the environment? Our specialist are looking forward to tell you all about it.

EU Ecolabel