Jackup Lubrication and our Lubcon Grizzly Grease

How can jackups be lubricated optimally and safely? Lubcon Grizzly Grease Bio has proven its capabilities.

Jackup lubrication

Jackup rigs or self-elevating units are so named because they are self-elevating with three, four, six and even eight movable legs that can be extended (“jacked”) above or below the hull. Jackups are towed or moved under self-propulsion to the site with the hull lowered to the water level, and the legs extended above the hull.

It may be clear that when lubrication on board of such platforms, this is preferably done with high-tech lubricants. The conditions under which the racks of a lifting platform must serve require a specific grease that is more environmentally friendly, withstands extreme high loads, is highly water-resistant and offers optimum protection against wear.

In collaboration with its specialist supplier Lubricant Consult GmbH from Germany, Van Meeuwen has developed a new generation biodegradable lubricating grease for these specific applications where biodegradability plays a very important role: Lubcon Grizzly Grease Bio 1-1000. Other applications where Grizzly Grease Bio 1-1000 can be used very well are wire ropes, bearings, bushes, cylinder and piston units and guideways.

Features and benefits of the Lubcon Grizzly Grease Bio 1-1000 making it extremely suitable for lubricating lifting platforms or so-called jackup systems: